Our organization’s motto is Friend of Youth, and everything we do is to support youth and youth activities. We run the Tri-Star Competitions in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club (this is the football pass punt and kick competitions and the basketball pass dribble and shoot competitions), Youth of the Month, Youth Appreciation Banquet, Midwestern State University scholarships, Boys and Girls Club internships, Respect for Law, we support Camp Fire, Camp Graham Ball, as well as many little league sports teams to name a few things that we do.

Our main fund raisers are selling Christmas Trees over the holiday season, The Boys Club Alumni Golf Tournament, and putting out U.S. flags four times a year.

We currently have approximately 53 members whose ages range from the late 20’s to one member in his late 80’s and they are from all walks of life. It is a diverse group, and as you would expect from our name we are all Optimists and like to have a good time.

We meet every Tuesday at noon at Luby’s Cafeteria meeting area in the back of the building (1801 9th St, 76301). We enter at the east door near the rear and are in the room just at the front of the serving line. We would be happy to have you as a guest one Tuesday and would introduce you to the men and women who make up our membership. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, contact one of our Membership Chairs, Cassie Ahearn at 940-781-4612 or Sheryl Pulley at 940-692-3999 or just show up for lunch on Tuesday!